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Have you installed natural gas alarms in your home?


Published by admin March 12,2024

Speaking of gas leakage
Is it true that most people think 'just smell' is enough? Is it necessary to install natural gas alarms ? Gas leakage is one of the main causes of accidents such as detonation. Installing a gas alarm is an effective means of preventing gas leakage and can effectively reduce the occurrence of tragedies.

Why install natural gas alarms?
1. Gas leakage is difficult to detect
If the gas appliance and the pipeline connecting the gas appliance are used for a long time, the rubber hose connecting the valve is likely to leak due to oil smoke erosion, aging, rodent bites, and other reasons. This type of leakage is relatively slow and difficult to detect by people.

natural gas alarms

2. Large error in manual identification of gas leaks
The kitchen always gathers various flavors, and relying solely on manual recognition results in large errors, which cannot ensure timely detection.

3. Sometimes gas leaks cannot be dealt with in a timely manner
When sleeping soundly at night or going out unattended, if there is a gas leak, it cannot be detected and dealt with in a timely manner.

Installing natural gas alarms are effective, simple, and timely way to determine whether gas is leaking, and is an important defense line for building gas safety.

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