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Should My Manual Call Points Have Covers ?


Published by admin July 26,2021

When you have a fire alarm system in place, accidentacan be a regular occurrence in some buildings because the manual call points are the most vulnerable part. However, with manual fire call point covers, fire alarm systems are given some protection. Obviously, it is very necessary for manual fire call point to have a cover.

fire call point covers

Some country now state that all manual call points should be fitted with a protective cover which is moved to gain access to the frangible elements. These should particularly be in places in vulnerable areas which are prone to Prevent damage.

Public buildings such as schools, hospitals and museums are places where these are especially useful. With a large footfall and people who may not actually want to be there, fire call point covers are specifically designed to prevent damage or false alarms however they’re caused.

While some need to be installed at the same time as the call point, call point stoppers which can be retrofitted are also available, which is helpful for those now needing to install them on existing systems.

The benefit is that they have little impact on the time it takes someone to find a call point or on their ability to activate it. You just have to lift the clear fire call point covers and use it as normal.

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