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How to choose a suitable home gas leak alarm ?


Published by admin March 12,2024

1. Confirm the type of gas source used at home (mainly classified as natural gas, LPG liquefied petroleum gas, and artificial gas), and then choose according to the type of gas source (the target gas will be indicated in the product manual).

2. Whether it meets one's own national standards: Currently, there are slight differences in the standards of different countries, but the fundamental thing is that quality must be the top priority. So it is recommended to purchase compliant home gas leak alarm products through legitimate channels.

home gas leak alarm

3. Product function of the home gas leak alarm: It is best to have sound and light alarm function. It is generally recommended that friends choose products with dual sensors for gas and carbon monoxide detection.

4. Brand: Try to choose a big brand sensor to prevent false alarm (such as false alarm of alcohol and spray). Misreporting products not only fails to provide security measures, but also delays matters.

5. Power supply: One type is battery type that is easy to install; The other type is the external power supply type.

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