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To Install Smoke Detector Alarms And Save Lives !


Published by admin April 08,2024

According to a report by NBC on March 20th, a fire broke out in Queens, New York on the afternoon of the 20th, resulting in the death of a resident. According to reports, the fire occurred in Queens Village. The New York Fire Department rushed to the scene for rescue after hearing the news, but it was already too late.

Fire officials said they spent five minutes controlling the fire. But preliminary investigation found that there were no effective smoke detector alarms inside the house where the fire broke out. This also delayed the time for fire escape and firefighting.

Such incidents of life accidents caused by the lack of effective smoke detectors have occurred repeatedly, making us have to be vigilant. Therefore, effective smoke and fire alarms must be installed in every household. Smoke alarms can detect the concentration of smoke, and once it exceeds the standard, they can emit sharp, urgent, and high decibel alarm sounds and synchronously send warning messages to the management background.

smoke detector alarm

The smoke detector alarm not only reminds people in the home, but also attracts the attention of neighbors. It plays an important role in fighting for escape time for vulnerable groups such as the elderly and disabled, and the background will also notify elderly family members or community workers to come and inspect through SMS, phone, and other means.

So we call on people around the world to raise awareness of fire safety, install fire smoke detector alarms, and make every home a warm and safe place.