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What is stand alone smoke detector?


Published by admin July 03,2024

The stand alone smoke detector SR-807 is generally directly powered by a 9V laminated battery or AC220V, which is easy to install and use, and can achieve independent detection and independent alarm without connecting with a fire alarm controller.

stand alone smoke detector

Many independent detectors on the market are mostly powered by 9V laminated batteries. SR-807 Stand alone smoke detectors are a typical type of independent smoke detectors. the SR-807 stand alone smoke detection fire alarm is a type of smoke detection fire alarm, which can detect the smoke generated during a fire and issue an alarm in time. Can be widely used in Internet cafes, song and dance halls, cafes, leisure halls, residential and other places for fire safety monitoring.

stand alone smoke detector

The SR-807 stand alone smoke detector has the following characteristics:

(1) The use of advanced semiconductor components and excellent production technology, stable work, simple installation, no commissioning required;

(2) The unique optical labyrinth design can detect the smoke generated by the combustion of multiple substances and has a high sensitivity to black smoke;

(3) Built-in buzzer, makes a strong sound after the alarm;

(4) It is powered by a 9V laminated battery and consumes very little electrode. It can work for one year under normal conditions.

Main Specifications:

(1) Power supply: H6F22 DC9V battery

(2) Indicator light: Red, blinks approximately every 50 seconds during normal operation

(3) Alarm sound> 85dB/3M

(4) Protection area: 60m2 ~ 80m2

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