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 Canton Fair 2023,Sumring keep your home safe


Published by admin March 12,2024

Shenzhen Sumring Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional first-hand manufacturer of fire alarms and home security alarms, with over 15 years of experience in the production of fire safety alarms. We can provide you with a series of fire prevention alarm products for homes and public places, such as basic smoke detectors, heat detectors, co alarms, household gas leakage detectors, high-quality large decibel fire alarms, fire supporting systems, and so on, There are also high-end intelligent fire alarm products, such as wifi/zigbee/Z-Wave smoke alarms, fire alarms, and gas detectors. 

 Sumring Canton Fair 2023

Of course, our home security products are no inferior. In addition to basic security products such as magnetic door and window alarms, induction detectors, water detectors, etc., we have further upgraded the functionality and appearance of our products with the times. For example, connected and non connected products, there are also WiFi, Zwave door magnets, motion detectors, etc. that can be used in combination with intelligent fire and smoke alarms, gas alarms, etc. 

Sumring Canton Fair 2023

Our products are countless, each with its own unique features, and it is difficult to describe them in words at once. Let's briefly explain the product here. If you have time, welcome to our booth in Sumring Canton Fair 2023 April 14th-19th at 1.1Y37 and let us personally introduce you. We believe you will have a different harvest.

In short, your family safety can be confidently guarded by us, and you can choose affordable, high-quality, and high-end products.

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