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How the wifi door alarm sensor work with Google Home ?


Published by admin June 22,2021

Simply use your voice to control the connected devices by Alexa or Google Home. It can also perform auto control together with other smart devices which are compatible with Smart Life. Convenient for you to detect your doors, windows, cabinets, drawers or anywhere you want to notified when it is opened or closed.

wifi door alarm sensor

Please see the detailed steps below:

Step 1 : Add the wifi door alarm sensor
Make sure there is at least 1 device that is supported by Google Home. This is shown on the Integration Screen.

Step 2: Modify Wifi door Alarm Sensor Name
Modify device name so your Google Home can easily
recognize the name. For Example: Living Room Door, Bedroom Door

Step3 : Set up Google Home
Make sure phone system language is setto English. Then
use the Google Home app to set up your Google Home.

Step 4: Add Home Control Action
In the menu bar, go to ''Home Control'' to add devices. Select ''Smart Life'', then type in your login info from your app account to fnish the account linking. Your wifi door alarm sensors should now be listed in the Home Control device list.

Step5: Control Device You can now control your wifi door alarm sensors using voice through

your Google Home product.
The following voice commands are supported:
-Ok Google, lock the wifi door alarm sensor
-Ok Google, unlock the wifi door alarm sensor
-Ok Google, is the wifi door alarm sensor locked?

So easy, you can try it !

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