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Before boiling tea in a furnace, understand the knowledge of CO poisoning


Published by admin March 12,2024

As the Chinese Lunar New Year approaches in 2023, do you plan to take advantage of the Spring Festival holiday and embark on a tea making journey with your family and friends. Compared to what needs to be prepared and what can be roasted when boiling tea in a furnace, the more important strategy is to understand the safety precautions to be taken when boiling tea in a furnace.

Before boiling tea in a furnace, understand the knowledge of carbon monoxide poisoning

1. Carbon monoxide is colorless, odorless, and non irritating, and cannot be recognized by human senses.

2. When carbon containing substances are not fully burned, carbon monoxide will be produced. If the environment is poorly ventilated and carbon monoxide accumulates in the air to a certain concentration, there is a risk of poisoning.

3. Mild carbon monoxide poisoning may present with symptoms such as headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, etc. The symptoms are not specific and therefore difficult to detect in a timely manner. Continuing to inhale carbon monoxide can worsen the condition, leading to coma and even death. So, carbon monoxide poisoning is very dangerous.

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Before boiling tea in a furnace, self evaluate the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning

1. Ventilation conditions: Whether the indoor environment of a restaurant, tea house, or home is tightly closed with doors and windows to form a closed or semi closed place for brewing tea. Whether to install exhaust equipment and whether the exhaust equipment can be used normally.

2. Use of fuel: Whether to use natural gas, liquefied gas, charcoal, coal, firewood, etc. Once these fuels are not fully burned, they will produce carbon monoxide.

3. Alarm device: Is there a carbon monoxide alarm installed in the business premises or at home. Here is a special reminder that installing a carbon monoxide alarm is very important, as it is a strong and powerful defense line to safeguard life safety.


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