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What's the SR-A08-P ? pull station cover ?


Published by admin August 29,2021

You mabey know that audible alarm covers and guards protect fire alarms, smoke detectors, strobe lights, loudspeakers, and other safety alarm devices from damage and accidental discharge. Covers completely enclose devicews to provide some protection against dust and the surrounding environment. So we now recommed you our new pull station cover  SR-A08-P.

pull station cover

These indoor/outdoor waterproof pull station covers help protect devices without restricting legitimate operation. The versatile fire alarm covers help prevent accidental and intentional physical damage, dust and grime as well as severe environments inside and out.

 The pull station cover offers excellent protection against physical damage (both accidental and intentional) . It is ideal for residential buildings, schools, colleges, hospitals, nursing homes, stores, hotels and public buildings of almost every kind where there is a threat of false alarms.

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