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Purchasing and using combustible gas detectors, you need the following 6 points


Published by admin March 12,2024

1. Combustible gas detectors are generally divided into natural gas type, liquefied petroleum gas type, artificial gas type, etc., and corresponding alarms need to be selected based on the type of gas used. When purchasing, pay attention to checking the type of gas detected, power supply method, production date, and other information on the nameplate label.

2. During installation, it is necessary to install in a suitable location according to the instructions, avoiding installation in obstructed or easily contaminated areas. Before use, activate the Combustible gas detectors self check function to confirm that the product has entered the normal monitoring state and observe whether the indicator light is in normal working state.

combustible gas detectors

3. During use, it should be kept powered on for a long time to avoid frequent power outages and electrification. Pay attention to regular cleaning and maintenance of the product to avoid clogging of the air inlet. After restarting, it is necessary to restart the self check function to ensure that all functions are normal.

If an alarm is triggered, the gas valve should be closed first, doors and windows should be opened for ventilation, and no lights or electrical switches should be turned on. Find the cause of the gas leak and immediately contact the gas company for handling if the cause cannot be confirmed.

If the expiration date is specified in the product manual, products that exceed the expiration date should be replaced in a timely manner.

6. Resolutely resist and refuse to purchase products without a factory name or address, quality certificate, or production date.

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