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What should I do if the lpg leakage home gas detector goes off?


Published by admin March 12,2024

1.Regardless of why the lpg leakage home gas detector sounds, please immediately close the gas valve and open the window for ventilation!

2.When the lpg leakage home gas detector is in the alarm state, do not switch on or off the electrical appliances, nor plug or unplug the alarm plug. Do not turn on or off any electrical appliances, such as electric lights, exhaust fans (non explosion-proof), range hoods, air conditioners, switches, wired and wireless phones, etc. in gas leakage areas. If a neighbor's gas leak is found, do not use a doorbell. Any behavior that generates small sparks may cause an explosion accident.

lpg leakage home gas detector

3. Quickly transfer to a safe outdoor location, and then use your phone to contact the gas company for repair. Professional personnel will help you with the inspection and handling.

The safety of gas use is crucial for every household. In daily life, attention should be paid to the installation and maintenance of lpg leakage home gas detectors, and regular inspections of gas meters should be conducted to ensure extra safety in daily life

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