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Do you know what is the combustible gas leak detector ?


Published by admin September 13,2023

Combustible gas leak detector: The flammable gas detector is a detector that responds to the concentration of single or multiple flammable gases. The flammable gas detector has three types: catalytic, semiconductor(we offer), and natural diffusion.then,we introduce semiconductor type combustible gas sensor to you.


sumring combustible gas sensor

The so-called semiconductor combustible gas leak detector uses a gas sensitive semiconductor component with higher sensitivity. When it is in working condition, it encounters a combustible gas, the semiconductor resistance decreases, and the falling value has a corresponding relationship with the concentration of combustible gas sensor.


combustible gas sensor for kitchen

Regardless of any type of combustible gas leak detector, they alert the user to the point of the explosion before the leak occurs. In the case of a linkage, the gas supply is cut off by the electric valve to avoid further gas leakage, activate the ventilation device, and reduce the ambient gas concentration.

combustible gas sensor with shut valve

With the improvement of living standards, most people will install combustible gas leak detector in their own homes to protect against the dangers caused by gas leaks, especially such explosive gases. If you want to buy combustible gas sensor, please click on this blue font to understand a bit.