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What to do when you hear the home carbon monoxide detector alarm ?


Published by admin March 12,2024

Our sumring CO alarm researchers pointed out that carbon monoxide gas is known as the silent killer because it cannot be seen or smelled. It is necessary to everyone in your home to know the signs of CO poisoning, So we can prevent carbon monoxide poisoning in advance, at the same time,  we can also use the home carbon monoxide detector to save lives.

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Do you have a home carbon monoxide detector in your family? If you do have one, does your family know what to do when the alarm goes off? 
CO poisoning happens, and each year people die unaware. More and more people are being treated for this and even hospitalized due to CO poisoning. The problem with CO is that it's colourless and odourless. It can come from things like your charcoal, stove and wood, gas ranges.Especially in the cold winter, the number of CO poisoning people has increased significantly.

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These symptoms to poisoned include:

Please follow these steps when your home carbon monoxide detector goes off
please remrember, don't disregard the noise coming from your alarm. 
If the alarm goes off and you're beginning to feel any of the above symptoms, so you should:

1.Call 9-1-1
2.Go to the hospital quickly
3.Go outside quickly
4.Don't go back into the home until emergency services tell you that it's safe to do so.

If you or your family are not showing signs of any of the above symptoms you should:

1.To get fresh air into the home. Open all windows.
2.To turn off your appliances. Things like your gas stove
3.After the home has been well ventilated, to reset the
home carbon monoxide detector
4.If it doesn't sound again, please contact a qualified technician and ask them test the equipment. They should inspect and repair any issues quickly.
it is important to react and don't ignore the alarm.

So smart as you, you should be know how to do when you hear home carbon monoxide detector
Finally, Wish you good health, joyful life and all your dreams come true!


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