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New arrivels combined fire and carbon monoxide alarm


Published by admin March 12,2024

We all know, the smoke detector can predict the occurrence of the fire in advance, and Carbon monoxide detector can prevent carbon monoxide gas poisoning, then the home has to install a smoke detector and a carbon monoxide detector? is it a bit troublesome? Can there be a better way? Of course, a composite fire and carbon monoxide detector is recommended for you.


smoke fire and carbon monoxide alarm fire and carbon monoxide alarm to protect home safety


The fire and carbon monoxide detector(SR-821THS) can detect both smoke and carbon monoxide gas, Everyone remain safe in their homes from the dangers of fire and carbon monoxide poisoning.This fire and carbon monoxide detector is an intelligent carbon monoxide smoke composite detector, which adopts micro-processing control and electrochemical sensor, featuring high stability, low power consumption and small sensitivity drift. It is mainly used in places where carbon monoxide gas leakage and fire may occur, ensuring personal life safety.The following is the product picture:


fire and carbon monoxide alarm with led display  fire and carbon monoxide alarm for family 


This fire and carbon monoxide detector is the latest product developed by our company. Since its introduction to the market, it has been loved by our new and old customers. Because of its high quality and low price, meantime, it also has a led display. It is very difficult to find such a good detector on the market. We hope that you like it and wish you all the best.

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