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Many questions summary about SR-908 series gas leak detector for kitchen


Published by admin March 12,2024

Our SR-908series,are really good gas leak detector for kitchen, such as SR-908NSZ(combustible gas detector with lcd display),SR-908DSZ(carbon monoxide and combustible gas combo detector),SR-908NS (combustible gas detector without lcd display)styles. Their power is from  AC-powered and 9V rechargeable battery,One of the  hottest detector is  SR-908NSZ that has a lcd display that can display gas concentrations and human voice alarm. This gas leak detector for kitchen has been widely marketed and recognized, but at the same time the customer has many questions about our 908series, now let me answer for you one by one, thank you for continuing to read.



1. The main USES of the product

(1)SR-908 series are gas leakage detectors,Its function is to remind people that the gas has leaked, so as to avoid causing an explosion, SR-908 series can alarm at 6%+-3% of the critical point of the explosion

( 2 ) Timely alarm of gas leak detector for kitchen can remind people of gas leakage and close the leaking device, so as to avoid explosion or gas poisoning.


2. Production standards

(1) The detector sensitivity design is according EN50194;UL1484 standard, only reach the alarm level, the detector will trigger to be alarm. series has passed CE and ROHS certification

3. Summary of frequently asked questions

People smell gas leakage in use, but the
gas leak detector for kitchen did not immediately alarm, is there something wrong with the gas detector?
Answer:Natural gas is colorless and odorless, and its main ingredient is "methane“, There is a risk of explosion in case of a leak. In order to detect gas leakage in time, natural gas is laced with odorous substances, commonly known as mercaptan.So a little leakage of gas can be very smelly.These gases do little harm to human health.In the case of ventilation, the smell is dispersed, so people will smell the smell first. An explosion caused by a methane leak would be fatal, The gas leakage detector alarms at 6 +-3% of the explosion threshold (Alarm density: 2500PPM (±1500PPM) ) To alert people that the gas had leaked

In addition to the lighter test, people want to be able to test in the kitchen directly near the gas stove to simulate the real situation. Can customers do this?
Answer:Engineers do not recommend placing a gas detector directly near a gas burner for simulation testing. In order to protect the user's safety, the probe can only be tested in the laboratory.


4. Engineer's suggestion

Questions .
If the final consumer wants to test whether the gas detector works, would you recommend using a lighter or some other method?
Answer: Lighter testing is the most effective way.
The test method we suggested: Place the lighter under the gas detector to simulate a gas leak and trigger an alarm.Here is the test video:

PS: The engineer does not recommend the customer to use the test method shown below, Because it's dangerous if you don't do it right:Cause explosion or endanger human health
If the customer wants to simulate the use situation, please pay attention to some safe operations:
1) Please adjust the installation height according to the customer's way:The gas detector is about 30cm above the ground, then the door and window are closed, and the above method is used to detect
2) Do not light the gas stove after entering the kitchen, regardless of whether the gas detector has an alarm during the test ,The first step is to open the window for ventilation; safety first !!


5. Test video in production;

(1)Calibration test of sensitivity of gas/carbon monoxide detector in production test box:


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