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How to check if a smoke detector is good or bad?


Published by admin March 12,2024

There are many kinds of smoke detectors in the market, such as standalone smoke detector, wired smoke detector, smart wireless smoke detectors, and so on. Among of these detectors are good or bad, but how do we distinguish between good and bad? So, let's compare our SR-820DHS home smoke alarms (be short for A )with other cheap smoke detector from market (be short for B), please check the below analysis.


1  The Difference Material of the shell. A adopts the new ABS+PC, it has toughness, so it won't break easily. It also has hardness, which can protect the circuit part of the product.The B adopts the PVC, it is easy to crisp.

sumring home smoke alarmsSmart home smoke alarms


2) The Different PCB (A is left, B is right )A adopts Double-sided fiberglass board. B adopts the cardboard.

PCBA home smoke alarms


3.The Different Chamber of home smoke alarms  (A is left, B is right )Our complex chamber of unique design is more accurate for fire alarm,Please see the picture on the left, The Chamber of the cheaper one design is simple and the fire alarm is not accurate. Please see the picture on the right

Chamber home smoke alarms


4.The Different Sensor 

Our home smoke alarms has heat and smoke sensor.The cheaper one is smoke detector only. (on the right)

  optical home smoke alarms


5.The Different Buzzer 

Our SR-825DHS home smoke alarms adopt the buzzer with unique structurer
the Sound level: ≥85dB/3 m ; The cheaper one adopt buzzer piece, the Sound level: ≤85dB/m (on the right)

buzzer of home smoke alarms


6. With or without insect proof filter

Ours has insect proof filter (metal). It prevents insect entering. the cheaper one (on the right) doesn't have insect proof filter

proof filter of home smoke alarms

SO, The friends seeing this article, do you know how to distinguish the smoke detectors wheather bad or good? If you have any questions, if you want to buy home smoke alarms,  please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to serve you.

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