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Why does the home fire detectors flash red?


Published by admin March 12,2024

The home fire detectors will flash red. Do you know what this flashing red light means? Today I will sort out the three situations in which the smoke alarm flashes red for your reference.

home fire detectors

1. Normal flashing red light
The home fire detectors will flash red under normal working conditions, but this flashing red light flashes red once every few seconds, and some flashes once every 15 seconds or so. This is the home fire detectors during inspection. Once an abnormal situation is detected, it will Flashing the red light frequently or constantly, and even alarming to inform the user.

2.Strobe or keep flashing
When the smoke alarm detects that the internal gas concentration reaches a certain standard, the alarm rules of the home fire detectors will be triggered, and the home fire detectors will appear strobe or red light constantly. This is an indication of abnormal smoke in the air, please check in time Eliminate whether there is a fire or other fumes.

3.Strobe and alarm
In many cases, when the smoke alarm detects an abnormal situation, it will strobe or keep flashing red light. Smoke alarms of different brands are different, and most home fire detectors are audible and visual alarms, and there will be roar and frequent Red light to warn users of abnormal air in the home, please check in time!

home fire detectors

The red flashing light of the home fire detectors is divided into normal and abnormal conditions. You need to operate according to the instruction manual of the smoke alarm. Once an abnormal situation occurs, please check the anomaly according to the audible and visual alarm issued by the home fire detectors in time to find out Problem solved in time!


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