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smoke detector alarms, the biggest weapon in the game of death


Published by admin March 12,2024

In the face of disaster, human beings are always small, and how to make the fastest response with limited response time can save lives.
In addition to earthquakes, fire is also a type of disaster that poses a huge threat to human beings. It will not only burn down the material wealth created by hard work, but also kill human life. Compared with earthquake warning, fire warning is more common in our daily life. Many office / office buildings, shopping malls, schools, factories and other public places will be equipped with smoke detector alarms  as fire warning equipment.

We use a picture to explain the fire:
The fire is divided into Incipient, Growth, Flashover, Fully Developed to the final (Decay) four stages

new fire alarms

For the safety of our lives and property, we should install smoke detector alarms,
Smoke detector is a device that realizes fire prevention by monitoring the concentration of smoke in the building. It can send out alarm information in an emergency to provide early warning and fight for golden escape time.

Equipping a home with at least one smoke detector can cut fire casualties in half, and readers of R & D Magazine (Research & Development) in 1992 chose home smoke detector alarms as "one of the 30 products that change lives" It is strongly recommended that you purchase and install smoke detectors, which can provide the most direct and effective help at critical times.

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