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what is the working principle of the fire smoke detector?


Published by admin September 13,2023

General term for smoke alarm
With the increase of people's awareness of security, more and more attention has been paid to security products, especially the application of smoke alarms is more extensive, almost every home must be installed. Smoke alarms are also called "smoke detectors", or
fire smoke detectors, fire alarms, and fire detectors, which are all possible. because their role is to start an alarm when smoke is sensed to avoid happening of big fire and reducing people's property damage.

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How Do Smoke Detectors Work

The fire smoke detector we are selling is also called a photoelectric sensor. It has a light-emitting element and a light-sensitive element. The light emitted by the ordinary light source passes through the lens and hits the light-sensitive element. The circuit remains normal. If smoke is blocked from it, it reaches The light on the light-sensitive element is significantly weakened, so the light-sensitive element changes the change in light intensity into a change in electricity, and alerts people through the amplifier circuit.

fire smoke detector with 10 year life

How do smoke alarms avoid false positives

If fire smoke detector is installed in the kitchen, due to the high sensitivity of the smoke alarm, some false alarms may occur, so how to avoid it? First of all, when we are cooking, we have to open the window or range hood, so that the smoke concentration is not too high. Secondly, the smoke alarm installed in the kitchen should be cleaned frequently to avoid being covered by oil or dust, thereby reducing false alarms and maintaining the original sensitivity. If it is not used often, it will be triggered once in a while and check to see if the alarm device can be used normally, so as not to delay the time and cause losses when the danger really occurs.

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