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What do we need to pay attention to when using house smoke alarms ?


Published by admin September 13,2023

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people also have a higher pursuit of home safety. In recent years, the installation of smoke detectors at home has become an essential home safety guarantee. Smoke detectors, also known as photoelectric fire detectors, , and smoke sensors, are mainly used in fire protection systems and in security system construction. It is a typical civilian device, so before using house smoke alarmswe must know the following:

Smoke detectors must not be painted. Test the sensitivity of the smoke detector once a month. Remove dust twice a year and replace with new batteries. If the smoke detector cannot be cleaned regularly, the accumulated dust will cause the detector to stop sounding. When the battery in the detector runs out, an alarm may also be issued to remind the battery to be replaced as soon as possible. Try to have house smoke alarms in every bedroom, and at least one on each floor.

Garages and kitchens may not be equipped with smoke detectors to avoid frequent false alarms. Select a suitable location to install the smoke detector, such as away from cooking appliances, steam or moisture, doors, windows and corners. A dry shower cap can be used to temporarily cover the detector during cooking to prevent oil smoke from triggering the alarm, but the shower cap should be removed in time afterwards.

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