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Why does the smoke detector sensor keep chirping?


Published by admin September 13,2023

smoke detector sensor are installed in homes to prevent fire hazards in the home! However, some owners do not know much about the smoke sensor, and do not know why the smoke sensor chirping consistently? Let me tell you.

smoke detector sensors

There are three main cases of this reason:
First, because the alarm is too dusty, after using the
smoke detector sensor for a period of time, the sensitivity of the maze of the detector will increase due to the accumulation of dust, which will cause false alarms or alarms when there is less smoke. This situation is especially obvious in some places where the dust in the air is usually large. At this time, you must contact the manufacturer or a professional to clean the detector maze.

Second, the alarm installation location is not good. Household smoke alarms are generally installed in the living room, study or bedroom, while some families have installed their kitchens or installed them too close to the kitchen. The kitchen itself is a lot of smoke, heat and humidity In large places, smoke detector sensors are installed here, which may not only cause false alarms, but also affect their service life. The above briefly mentioned several reasons that may cause the home smoke alarm to keep sounding. In this case, first check the entire room to ensure that no fire has occurred. If it is a false alarm, check it according to the above method. If you cannot solve it by yourself, contact the manufacturer for processing.

smoke detector sensor

Third, if you install a battery operated smoke detector sensor, the battery may need to be replaced. ... The smoke alarm may have reached the end of its life (sealed battery models only)

Therefore, when installing a household smoke sensor, you must pay attention to choosing a suitable location, and also pay attention to maintenance and cleaning, to avoid false alarms of the smoke sensor and cause panic. Learn more about how to clean and maintain smoke detector sensor, keep focus on us!

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